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Elmore Oil Clinical Trials and Chart Downloads

Below is a clinical trial that was conducted to test the effectiveness of Elmore Oil. Although, the test below was for osteoarthritis, which is common with the older population, Elmore Oil is great for sports pain relief. As a sports pain relief roll on, Elmore Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will help with sprains and other muscle soreness. Please see below for the results of trial and other additional information. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

Clinical trial for Elmore Oil Conducted at VMMC Memorial Hospital  – Data and Findings

TITLE: Assessing the safety and efficacy of a herbal remedy, Elmore Oil, on pain and well-being in patients with osteoarthritis:  A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised trial.

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Ruth S. Sy Rheumatologist VMMC, Dept of Medicine Veterans Memorial Medical Centre

CLINICAL TRIAL COORDINATORS: Dr. Leticia Lucero – Palma Dr. Bill Paspaliaris

STATISTICIAN: Ms. Mercedita A. Parazo

INTRODUCTION: The treatment of osteoarthritis, a disease that eventually affects the majority of the older population, involves the alleviation of symptoms such as pain and stiffness, and the reduction of inflammation.  A double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study is being performed to examine the effect of Elmore Oil, a herbal remedy (containing Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Vanilla), which has recently been reported to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, on the symptoms of osteoarthritis

METHODOLOGY: This study was approved by the Veterans Memorial Medical Centre sub committee on human research.

Design: Cross-over experimental design

Clinical trial for Elmore Oil conducted at VMMC

Sample Size: Since only one other pilot study (11 participants) had been performed on the efficacy of Elmore Oil on arthritic or other pain, a full study of 60 patients is being conducted. The sample size is not obtained through probability sampling.

CONCLUSIONS: The trial commenced in December 2008 and concluded at the end of June 2009. Results for the Elmore Oil participants are discussed below: Assessment of pain by treatment and observation periods:

Results showed no significant differences in pain levels at base line between the 2 groups. (expected)

Within the 2 groups, up to and including week 4, there were significant changes from baseline to week 2 and again through to week 4 in the Elmore Oil group.

Pain diaries and x-ray analysis from participants support the outcome so far that Elmore Oil provides significant relief from discomfort of osteoarthritis, while improved movement and reduced inflammation are also evident. Exact data conclusions are as follows (assessment over 4 week period):

Pain (assessed through VAS score)  –  average reduction of 33.33%

Number of days of severe joint stiffness  –  average reduction of 38.88%

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Number of days of poor quality sleep  –   average reduction of 73%

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