About Us

About Us

Elmore Oil is distributed in the USA and Canada by Sierra International Health Products, LLC

How Elmore Oil Made it’s way to North America

Gregor Johnson migrated to the USA in 1974 from Australia.  After a career in technical and human resources training he settled in Reno in 1999 with family in Vermont and Australia.

He was first introduced to Elmore Oil by speaking with his father on one of his trips home. After hearing about his father’s positive experience he started looking into Elmore Oil by speaking with other people that had been helped, Pharmacists, and by contacting the manufacturer. All the positive feedback led Gregor to negotiate an agreement with Elmore Oil to become their North American Distributor.  He Formed Sierra International Health Products, LLC in 2008 with this in mind and Elmore Oil is now available in nearly 300 stores across the country.

“I always wanted to set up a business with a product I could believe in,”

“We help people improve their lives by providing a safe, effective product to reduce or eliminate pain, this also often leads to better quality sleep as a bonus.  We combine that with good personal service and when customers call to say “You have helped me”, it makes it all worthwhile” Gregor commented.

The Story Behind the Product

Ralph Linford Elmore Oil

Ralph Linford was born into a working class Australian family and grew up in the great depression of the 1930′s and the Second World War. From his humble beginnings and basic education, Ralph designed his first invention as a teenager, then started his first business in his early 20′s. Since then he went on to accomplish some extraordinary triumphs and produce many “firsts”in his long entrepreneurial career. Ralph passed away in August 2011 but his greatest creation, Elmore Oil, lives on.

In 1988, when Ralph Linford first discovered he had arthritis in his hands, he used his background in manufacturing and his love of nature to develop a product that has become Australia’s fastest selling topical pain reliever.

Named after the tiny Victorian town where Ralph lives, Elmore Oil is a blend of 4 natural ingredients: Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Vanilla. The most natural of pain relievers, the secret to Elmore Oil lies in the ingredient selection and the special blending process, which has been specifically designed to enhance the potency of the Tee Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil, bonding them to the circulatory power of the Vanilla, delivering the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits directly to the source of the pain, providing fast effective relief of pain, without harmful side effects or reactions.

The Second Generation Keeps Elmore Oil Strong

Mark Linford

Mark Linford the second generation to run the Elmore Oil company has become involved in every aspect of the companies infrastructure from manufacturing to shipping. Mr. Linford is ensuring the future of Elmore Oil by continuing his fathers dedication to quality and consistency. Mr. Linford’s success has allowed the Elmore Oil Co. to be active in philanthropic endeavors partnering with The Smith Family to Generate Funds for Aussie Kids in Sports.

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“When you’re training every day your muscles can get fatigued and it’s often hard to back up to session after session. With Elmore Oil I know I can go day after day at my very peak without pain or muscle fatigue. I use it daily and I can feel it absorb right in as I […]

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