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Back and Neck Pain Relief

Are you experiencing tightness in your back or neck? Have you tried to find a solution to help provide quick relief that will last for hours? If so, look no further! Elmore Oil provides the back and neck pain relief that you are looking for.

How Does Elmore Oil Work?

Elmore Oil is made of four key ingredients that are natural and due to a special blending process (Triple Maturation) have the potency needed to provide the relief you are looking for. Please see below for a list of ingredients and how they will help you with your back and neck pain relief.

  • Eucalyptus Oil – Penetrates into the back and neck muscles to provide instant pain relief.
  • Tea tree Oil –  Has anti-bacterial qualities and penetrates deep into the joint area to initiate pain relief. This is great if you have pain when it comes to movent, becuase it provides relief to the joint areas.
  • Vanilla – This ingredient helps to improve circulation, which is necessary for recovery and relief.
  • Olive Oil – This is the base of the product and the soothing and penetrating qualities are what help Elmore Oil provide the quick and long lasting relief that will help you with your neck and back pain.

Give A Try – Risk Free!

We are so confident that Elmore Oil will help you with your neck and back pain relief that we have a couple of risk free options for you.

Free Sample!

If you would like you can request a FREE Sample. We will send you some packets of Elmore Oil to try. Allow this may not be the best option for coverage or intense pain, it will give you a chance to experience the smell, and consistency of the product and then to experience the relief it can bring!

100% Guarantee

The best option is probably to buy Elmore Oil knowing that it comes with a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. You can read more about the guarantee by click the following link: 100% Guarantee

A Variety Of Options

We offer a variety of Elmore Oil Products. The best place to start is with the Elmore Oil Starter Pack as this will give you a variety of products to try, but you may also just be interested in the Roll On or maybe a larger quantity of Elmore Oil. Whatever you do, we recommend purchasing more that $65 in product for FREE shipping (US only).

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Professional rodeo cowboy Dave McLennan writes: I have been rodeoing for over 20 years at the top level in Australia and have had numerous broken bones and suffer from arthritis. I highly recommend Elmore Oil. Elmore oil keeps my horse Copper aged 25 years and myself winning rodeos and feeling fit. Elmore oil allows me […]

I Highly Recommend Elmore Oil

When you’re training every day your muscles can get fatigued and it’s often hard to keep the momentum going. With Elmore Oil I know I can go day after day at my peak without pain or muscle fatigue. I use it daily and I can feel it absorb right in as I apply it. It […]

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Our son, Justin is 16 years of age and suffers from a condition known as Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. Justin had a major operation at the age of 8 Years and has suffered constant pain from his constant sitting all day long. We have massaged Justin every evening with Elmore […]

Elmore Oil Has Been An Amazing Relief!

I have been using Elmore oil with very good results. I have severe osteoarthritis in my back, hips and knees. I have been on ‘ heavy duty ‘ prescription pain control for over ten years.  I have tried many over-the-counter creams, gels, lotions, and pads, all with limited results at best, in trying to find […]

Very Good Results With Elmore Oil

I just wanted to thank you for your product, it has helped my husband so much, he is now able to move so much more freely, just before Christmas he was in so much pain, could not do the most simple tasks, now he is walking daily, he is 75yrs young, and he has a […]

Thank You From A Very Grateful Wife

Your product Elmore Oil is the BEST Christmas present I’ve ever received in my life. After living nearly 20 years with horrible head and neck pain, having tension and migraines no doctor could help me with, then discovering what real life is like all over again is nothing less than fantastic ! Elmore Oil is […]

Elmore Oil Is The Best!

I received your samples yesterday, for which I thank you very much. I applied some oil straight away to my fingers/wrists/back of hands many times over the next few hours, and also my shoulders, before going to bed. Being skeptical, as nothing else has worked, I didn’t want to get my hopes up that this […]

The Best Birthday Present I Could Ever Wish For!

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