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Receive a FREE sample sachet of Elmore Oil and see if it is the solution to your problem. Pay only shipping and handling of $6.

Elmore Oil is all-natural, and is the best selling natural pain relief in Australia. There are only 4 ingredients in Elmore Oil:

  1. Eucalyptus
  2. Tea Tree
  3. Vanilla
  4. Olive Oil

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Remember we do offer a full money back guarantee if you wish to purchase any of our Elmore Oil Products!


How Long Does Elmore Oil Take To Work?

After applying this arthritis pain relief roll on you will begin to see relief within 15 minutes and it can last for up to 6 hours (depends on location applied to). Elmore is made of four natural ingredients that are combined in a unique process called Triple Maturation. This means that the actual process of combining the ingredients takes about 3 months, which means each ingredient’s potency will be enhanced during the process.

What Are The Ingredients In Elmore Oil?

The four natural ingredients in this pain relief roll on are Eucalyptus Oil, which penetrates deep into the muscles and brings instant pain relief; Tea Tree Oil, which penetrates deep into the joint area and begins the process of longer term pain relief; Vanilla, which improves circulation, which is an important part of the healing process and Olive Oil, which is the main ingredient of the product and soothes and penetrates deep into the muscles.

Will Elmore Oil Work For Joint Pain Relief?

If you are wondering if Elmore Oil will work on your form of joint pain, please remember we do have a free sample offer. This natural joint and back pain roll-on on has been effective for thousands of people for over a decade.

How Effective Is Elmore Oil?

The effectiveness of Elmore Oil is based on your level of pain. Usually twice a day will be enough application of the product to reach the desired results, but if you need to you can apply 4 or 5 times a day.


Don’t Forget About The Guarantee!

If you use Elmore Oil for 14 days and you are not happy with your purchase, let us know within 60 days and we will refund your money, in full, with no questions asked. You can read more at the following link: 100% Guarantee.




Natural Therapies for Neck Pain

A majority of the pain that is reported to physicians each year revolves around neck and back pain. Anyone that has experienced this type of pain is aware that one form can not only lead to the other but can also cause disruption in overall quality of life. The choices that the medical industry usually offer relate to harsh pain medications that can leave the patient with side effects, including those that effect the kidney and liver and can cause dizziness.

Western culture has finally become more accepting of alternative and integrative modalities when it comes to the topic of pain management.  There are natural and less invasive and problematic therapies that are being embraced and patients are finding good results with the alternatives to standard medication.

Neck pain can be caused by a number of different issues and once it begins, the pain can radiate down into the upper shoulders and the arms. While a majority of neck pain is associated with pulled or pinched muscles, the high level of stress that many people live with on a daily basis is beginning to show with the increased number of people reporting neck pain.

Pain, in general, can have a debilitating effect on the body. The natural response to pain is for the body to generate endorphins, which are natural hormones that seek out the pain areas for relief. Chronic pain keeps the body in the heightened condition, creates a sense of exhaustion, lowers the mood level and reduces the ability to focus. Since we use our neck and back for a majority of our movements, pain in these particular areas can create a lowered life quality as well as, over time, put the immune system at risk.

One of the first alternative pain therapy avenues that many people seek out is chiropractic. A chiropractor will examine the relationship between the body function and structure to realign or give an ‘adjustment’ that assist in promoting self-healing.

Massage therapy is another modality that many are selecting for the reduction of neck pain. It has been used throughout history to reduce stress and allow the muscles to relax. The manipulation of soft tissues increase circulation, as well as influence nerve and lymphatic systems. There have been many clinical studies that showed positive results for massage as a pain management method.

Pain reducing natural oil blends have been used as a standalone or in conjunction with massage therapy. Eucalyptus and tea tree oils have a long history as pain relievers and analgesics and virgin olive oil contains a chemical compound that inhibits inflammatory enzymes. In some cases, the use of an aromatherapy additive such as vanilla, has been shown to reduce stress and allow a more relaxed state.

Relaxation therapies such as meditation gives the body and mind the ability to de-stress. It is known that the conditions of stress place the body into a fight-or-flight mode which increases blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate. When these conditions are maintained over a long period of time it takes its toll on both musculoskeletal systems and internal organs. Studies have produced results that indicate patients that make use of relaxation therapies have experienced a reduction in their symptoms of pain.

Tai Chi has been a method of the combination of exercise and meditation, used in China for thousands of years. Those that practice tai chi combine gentle slow movements, coordinating with deep breathing. Tai chi is considered to be part of one of the ancient martial arts, blending the body’s ability to have the mind assist in healing physical ailments while also addressing the overall relaxation and realignment of energy within the body. The combination of mind, breathing and body movements has been an alternative for pain management for many years.

For over 2,000 years, the ancient art of acupuncture has brought pain relief to many as part of Chinese healing. The process involves the insertion of tiny thin needles, around the thickness of a hair into the various points of the body that regulate the natural energy flow. It is believed that when the energy becomes misaligned, it can generate pain through inflammation and other symptoms and the alignment allows the energy to return to the normal flow and promote healing, thereby reducing the area that is experiencing pain. The success of acupuncture has been so great that the World Health Organization has included acupuncture as a beneficial method for the reduction of pain.

Promoting an altered state of consciousness and thereby creating a sense of relaxation and reduced stress has also been achieved through hypnotherapy. Research and studies have shown that hypnosis allows the individual to gain a higher level of control over their personal state of awareness and allows the reducing of pain through the decrease of anxiety.

Always check with a primary care physician before making any changes to your daily health regiments.


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