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Elmore Oil Starter Pack

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The starter pack gives you the large 250ml bottle of Elmore Oil (lasts approximately 90 days or more under normal use) and the 50ml bottle with roll-on applicator for travel, purse or your gym bag.

BONUS: Includes an Elmore Essentials bar of soap (all three items would cost $61.45 if purchased separately). Free shipping is included (a $5.95 value), so your total savings is $11.50!

Hip and Joint Pain Relief

If you are looking for a natural solution for joint and muscle pain than the Elmore Oil Starter Pack is a great place to start!


What Type Of Relief Does Elmore Oil Provide?

Elmore Oil is made of four key ingredients that are natural and when combined provide deep penetrating relief! This makes Elmore Oil ideal for joint and muscle pain relief and back and neck pain relief. The Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil all have penetrating qualities that when combined using Triple Maturation (exclusive process used to blend Elmore Oil) provide the quick and long lasting relief that you are looking for.

What If I Don't Like Elmore Oil?

We stand behind our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Elmore Oil we offer a 100% (no questions asked) money back guarantee. We know there are a lot of back and neck pain relief options out there and we want you to be able to try Elmore Oil with the confidence of know that you can get your money back. Click the following link to learn more about the 100$ Guarantee: Learn More Here

Who Can Use Elmore Oil?

Elmore is great for use by everybody. Because it is made of natural ingredients it will not conflict with your other medications. Also, it is safe for use on children (for external use only). We do not recommend using on children under two as they may rub it in their eyes. If you have questions about whether Elmore Oil is right for you and your situation feel free to contact customer service today (see information below).

Can I Buy Elmore Oil In Bulk?

If you are interested in buying Elmore Oil in bulk please feel free to contact customer service and we would be happy to help you. If you are looking at buying Elmore Oil at wholesale for reselling we have specialty pricing for you. Also, if you are thinking about buying Elmore Oil in larger quantities for a sports team or similar organization we would be happy to talk to you about your situation and about pricing.


Don’t Forget About The Guarantee!

If you use Elmore Oil for 14 days and you are not happy with your purchase, let us know within 60 days and we will refund your money, in full, with no questions asked. You can read more at the following link: 100% Guarantee.




More Natural Remedies for Hip Pain

For those that experience hip pain, you know that it can stop you in your tracks. Whether it is from arthritis inflammation, a sports injury or caused due to a spinal misalignment, the throbbing pain will cause you to completely cease movement and hope that it subsides. While there are numerous prescription pain medications, each carries its own harsh side effects, including dizziness all the way to potential harm of other internal organs. Many people who suffer from hip pain are reaching back to the remedies that Mother Nature gives to us for pain relief. Some of those that have shown the best results include:

Boswellia (also known as frankincense)

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, alternative medicine practitioners have been recommending this age old herb for centuries. Boswellia is derived from the gum or sap of the East Indian boswellia trees. Study results of boswellia have shown that it may work to block the leukotrienes that are the substances that attack the healthy joints in such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis.


One of the plants that is used by many cultures for multiple modalities, the eucalyptus leaves and oil have been a mainstay for the reduction of arthritis pain. The tannin in the leaves and essential oil assists in reducing the swelling that causes pain due to arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. It is a common additive in topical creams and lotions as a safe alternative. The addition of heat through a mild heating pad as well as through massage can be used to maximize the eucalyptus effects on joints that are swollen.

Cat’s Claw

The use of cat’s claw has been dated back to the ancient Inca civilizations. This anti-inflammatory herb is derived from a tropical vine has been used for the purpose of boosting the body’s immune system to assist in reduction of inflammation. Caution must be taken as there have been studies that have shown overuse can cause a situation of overstimulation and this can potentially worsen arthritis pain without causing additional joint damage.


Alternative medicine practitioners have long known that the ginger herb goes beyond a food spice used in the kitchen. The compounds that bring the strong ginger flavor are the same ones that have an anti-inflammatory effect. The NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) has indicated that some studies have shown ginger as an excellent natural herb to assist in the reduction of the joints in rheumatoid arthritis; although further research on the human body is still needed.

Green Tea

While green tea has made a movement to becoming one of the most popular beverages on a global scale, it has been used by practitioners in the reduction of inflammation. In a 2010 NCCAM study, the benefits of green tea in reducing both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis has been shown in a preliminary level, with the need for additional studies to validate green tea as a pain reliever for the human body.

Thunder God Vine

This natural herb has been used in Chinese medicine and is considered to be one of the oldest herbs for integrative healing. The extraction of the active ingredient comes from the ‘skinned’ roots, which have been known to suppress an immune system that may be overactive, as is in the case of rheumatoid arthritis. Popular use includes a topical application, however, this herb should only be accessed by a professional as other areas of the vine itself are poisonous.

Nature provides many of the ingredients for pain relief and some of these are actually the sources used for today’s prescription medicine. It is important to confer with a primary care physician prior to making any changes in your pain relief regimen as there may be interactive dangers associated with any medication combined with the use of natural products.