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Elmore Oil 250ML Natural Pain ReliefElmore Oil Roll-on

Elmore Oil Gift Pack

2 Elmore Oil creams, 2 Elmore Oil Roll-ons and 1 Elmore Oil 250 ml (8 oz) drip Top

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Elmore Oil Cream

The Elmore Oil CREAM is a new convenient way to apply your favourite pain reliever. With the same active ingredients of Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus (just like the oil formula) but in a more convenient, no mess cream base, that rubs right in with no residue. Just like the oil, the arthritis pain relief cream relieves muscular aches and pains and is perfect for joint pain, including all forms of arthritis.
Recommended Use Rate: Apply twice a day, or more often if required.
Ingredients: Actilastin 1000, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Vanilla.
For relief of arthritic pain and muscular aches and pains, including symptomatic relief of lower back pain. Can also increase joint mobility and reduce inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis and gout.

Elmore Oil Roll-on

This is the perfect size arthritis pain relief roll on to keep in your travel bag or gym bag. There are many options available when it comes to managing arthritis pain. Being all natural and coming in a travel friendly size, Elmore Oil is a great option. The roll on applicator makes it easy to apply Elmore Oil directly to the spots that are ache or have stiffness

Elmore Oil 250ml Bottle

Natural Relief From Arthritis Pain, Muscle Pain & More!
Elmore Oil topical pain reliever. 250 ml bottle (approximately 8.2 US fluid ounces). Comes in “shock-proof” plastic bottle with easy drip dispensing hole under screw cap. With average daily use, this would last about 3 months.


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