U.S. Doctors Including Natural Topical Treatments for Patient Pain Relief

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The medical community in the United States has been one of the last in the world to accept and adopt alternative or integrative treatment therapies. This may be due to the history of pharmaceutical benefits that have been achieved in the U.S., whereas other cultures have made use of natural sources as a mainstay for medical treatment for thousands of years. The uptick in popularity has occurred over the last twenty years as more physicians are now recommending alternative therapies for patients, specifically when it comes to the topic of pain reduction.

Doctors in the U.S. are now finding themselves aligned with many of the CAM (complementary and alternative medication) practitioners such as chiropractors, nutritionists, massage therapists, integrative pharmacies and even yoga and meditation therapies. In addition to including supplementation as part of a patient program, medical doctors are beginning to examine the mind-body effects and recommend aromatherapy sessions for those patients that suffer from chronic pain as a method for relaxation.

Pain management is the main topic at every type of medical community meeting and the latest guidelines set by the government is addressing this through the requirement of the medical members to demonstrate that they are assisting patients in addressing their medical needs. This requirement has been proposed as a method to not only care for the patient but to help in reducing medical costs due to recurring doctor and hospital visits.

The use of naturally sourced products as a topical treatment is especially important for those patients that have experienced chronic pain or for those that cannot take additional medication that may have harsh side effects or medicinal interactions. U.S. doctors are becoming sensitive to the complaints and suffering of their patients and are seeking alternative options for the reduction of pain. This trend has become apparent as some of the over-the-counter manufacturers make attempts in combining some natural ingredients with additional chemicals in their current product offerings.

Those that follow a true CAM approach will recommend topical creams and lotions that are naturally-sourced and don’t contain additional chemicals or preservatives. Some of the most popular that have been used throughout history include ingredients such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, sesame seed oil and extra virgin olive oil. Many of the essential oils contain nature’s analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents and have been of benefit in the reduction of pain. When combined with the aromatherapy abilities of vanilla or peppermint that bring a sense of relaxation, the natural topical treatments allow the body to generate its own healing hormones.

For those patients that are suffering from pain, the natural therapies that a physician may suggest can be a refreshing alternative to the overuse of medications. It may have taken American doctors a while to adopt natural alternatives, but the benefits have been so great that some insurance companies are including some of them in their policy coverage.

Always confer with your primary caregiver prior to making any changes in your daily regimen.