The Science Behind Nature for Healing

Science of Nature

Many people are not aware of the fact that a majority of the mainstream medicines that are on the market have natural base ingredients. Pharmaceutical companies have made use of the components and then adjusted and added additional chemicals that can accelerate the natural healing properties but also cause additional internal organ damage. In some cases, the treatment outweighs the benefits of the cure and can cause the appearance of alternate disorders.

The United States is the most overmedicated nation in the world, and as such, it has made sense that many people are now returning back to some of the natural therapies that nature has made available to us. As a society, we have become less and less active, with fewer hours outdoors and much of our time indoors, sitting at computers or in offices. The depletion of vitamin D within the body has escalated over the last number of years as we do not get enough natural sunlight to produce the vitamin within our bodies.

Just stepping outside for a walk in the park or a hike in the forest can not only elevate natural healing hormones within the body but allows us to breathe more deeply, taking in the fresh air that is produced by nature. There is a direct impact on overall health when we are kept from experiencing the restorative effects of nature. A scientific study involving over 1,200 elderly adults showed that those who were not involved in some form of outdoor activities within a year were the most prone to major depressive episodes. Those adults that did spend time outdoors four or more times per week had the least depressive symptoms. While there is a correlation between outdoor activities the study was not designed to locate the cause.

Many studies have been done throughout the years regarding the relationship of nature and health and have had varying results for cause and reaction. One of the more recent medical observations has been to include the fact that as a society, we are experiencing higher stress levels than our bodies (and minds) were designed to handle. Stress hormones that are released in the body were designed for limited survival reasons. When these hormones are continually released in a long-term fashion, they can promote high blood pressure, high risk for heart attack and stroke and place our bodies in an imbalance for the processing of sugars which can lead to diabetes. Add the higher number of people that are overweight and this can be a recipe for disaster. The alteration to a more sedimentary lifestyle combined with poor diet and lack of exposure to nature has brought about a generally lowered state of health to a majority of Americans, and this has led to an increased number of people that are experiencing body pain.

Many of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities that have been used for centuries were designed to address the whole mind-body healing therapy. The medical world is now accepting the fact that treatments go beyond just a single targeted area of the body with prescription medication and they are adopting additional therapies including outdoor activities, yoga, chiropractic and massage techniques to allow stress-relieving relaxation and the benefits of nature. To help in the reduction of pain there are an increasing number of topical creams with ingredients sourced from nature that are natural anti-inflammatories or ‘nature’s pain relievers’. Some of these share the same main ingredients as over the counter and prescription medications.

Always confer with a primary care physician prior to making any changes in your medical regiment.