Practitioners Turning to Natural Pain Relief for Wellness Solution


The concept of the ‘practitioner’ covers an array of specialists and most of these have a history that involves CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) treatments. While some may have started out with mainstream medicine concepts, in the last ten years and majority have adopted the integrative attitude for health and wellness, especially when it comes to the topic of natural pain relief.

Chronic pain effects one in six Americans and has become the main topic at both mainstream medicine and natural/alternative practitioner meetings. Past treatments from the medical community typically involved pain medication which could bring harsh side effects and could sometimes not be an answer for those on other medication regiments. The natural approach has been embraced by a majority of practitioners including chiropractors, nutritionists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists whose main history has involved the same types of alternative therapies that have been used in various cultures for thousands of years.

Many of the practitioners are partnering together to bring an overall health approach with each of the modalities. A chiropractor will work with a massage therapist for the treatment of soft tissue, muscles and tendons to allow their own treatment to be reinforced with the release of the body’s own healing hormones in massage. A nutritionist may work with an independent integrative pharmacy to ensure that any alternative medication therapies can be addressed while encouraging supplementation through naturally-derived sources that don’t contain any chemicals or preservatives. A massage therapist may coordinate with a yoga or meditation group for a patient who has experienced exhaustion or high stress levels to encourage a state of relaxation and allow a deeper and more regenerative sleep.

Many patients have been looking to their practitioners to make use of alternative, natural and safe topical pain creams and lotions. These integrative lotions have become so popular that integrative pharmacists as well as chiropractors are now carrying the same product offerings for their patients. Some of those that have historically shown the best results in the reduction of pain include essential oils from: eucalyptus, capsaicin, tea tree, clove and sesame seeds.

Aromatherapy has long been used for the process of relaxation and to de-stress the body and allow natural healing hormones to help the process. Civilizations around the globe have used vanilla and peppermint (or spearmint) for the best level of relaxation, often carrying the ability to bring deeper sleep levels for the patient.

Practitioners, working together as a unit, along with primary care physician conferences has led to an overall wellness attitude that has altered the former aspect of one-pain/one-cure. The understanding that there are many aspects involved in symptoms as well as pain has led to a better healing level for many patients. When combined with lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet, the patient has benefitted from the philosophical treatment change attitude, bringing a faster, more improved quality of life.

Always confer with your primary caregiver prior to making any changes in your daily regimen.