Natural Oils that Assist In Pain Relief

Natural Oils

From the indigenous people in Australia, to cultures in Asia, East India and Native Americans, nature has supplied many of the types of alternatives for pain relief. Some of today’s prescription medication includes main ingredients based on these natural compounds. For topical relief, natural oils have been a popular choice and the selection of oil depends on the type of pain itself.

It is believed that there are over one hundred plants, herbs and oils that can be used for pain relief. Some are anti-inflammatory while others bring a reduction in the symptoms of pain.

*Capsaicin is the chemical that causes the ‘heat’ in hot or red chili peppers. It is believed to reduce pain through the manipulation of the endorphins that are pain-relieving and provides a type of analgesic reaction. It is often found as a natural additive to topical creams for pain relief.

*Black current seed oils contain gamma-linolenic acid. This is considered to be one of the ‘good fats’ that assist the body in production of substances that emulate hormones that influence both immune system as well as the reduction of inflammation.

*Clove oil has been used for centuries as a method to reduce toothache pain. It acts as an anti-inflammatory for the inflamed tooth area.

*Aromatherapy through the use of peppermint, vanilla and even rose oils has been shown to assist in the reduction of pain symptoms. Many of the natural oils contain antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory chemicals allowing a sense of relaxation for the body.

*Peppermint natural oil has been used in many of the commercial ointments for adults. The antispasmodic compounds are perfect for topical treatments, however, should never be used in newborn babies or infants due to the dangers of jaundice.

*Eucalyptus has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic natural chemicals and is one of the most popular compounds in topical creams and lotions for temporary pain relief.

*Tea Tree oil has long been used in Australia as a topical treatment for the skin due to its incredible healing compounds. Often combined with other herbs and natural oils, it allows treatment while soothing the skin area and bringing faster healing.

*Rosemary contains both antispasmodic and analgesic natural properties.

*Sweet Marjoram has natural sedative compounds that is soothing to the skin area for the relief of pain.

*Yarrow is another natural oil that contains analgesic pain reliever compounds while also blends properties of an anti-inflammatory.

*Vetiver is not that well known in Western cultures but has been relied on in Ayurvedic medicine for many years. The essential oil of vetiver is from a type of grass that is related to citronella or lemon grass and has been used for temporary external pain relief.

*A more expensive essential oil is helichrysum and it is well-known for its properties of antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The popularity (as well as expense) is due to those that used the oil reporting almost immediate relief.

Always confer with a primary care physician before making any changes or additions to your medical regiment.