Independent Pharmacies Expand to Integrative Approach for Pain Management

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Pharmacists in the United States have joined the rest of the world in adopting a more integrative approach to overall medicine. Independent pharmacies have taken the lead on selecting some of the highest quality integrative products, with a focus on pain management. This topic is a main target for treatment as a majority of their patients suffer from some form of chronic pain condition.

American pharmacies have been slower to adopt an integrative approach, even while their European, Asian and Canadian fellow pharmacies moved forward. The importance of making use of a pharmacist for integrative advice is based on the fact that they have extensive medical training and can recognize situations such as medicinal interactions, medicinal depletions, as well as consultations on specific ingredients that may be listed as ‘natural’ but can interact with both OTC (over-the-counter) and prescription medicines.

Chain pharmacies in the U.S. are limited on the type of integrative products they can carry, however the 23,000 independent pharmacies across the country make individual choices and often partner with local practitioners for complementary modalities. Pain management is one of the top subjects that pharmacists confer with for their patients and they will often look to naturally sources topical compounds to assist in relief.

Pharmacists are aware that many of the prescription medicines that are currently prescribed have baseline ingredients that come from nature. Some independent pharmacies are returning to these treatments for pain relief, specifically in topical creams and lotions that contain elements from nature that have been used throughout the centuries for the reduction of pain. The importance of this concept cannot be overstated, as new Federal guidelines have been established to monitor the pharmacies for medication therapy management to ensure that patients receive full treatment schedules as part of the effort in reducing overall medical costs.

The conscientious attitude of the independent pharmacy goes beyond just filling a prescription. Many of the pharmacy owners are now carrying a variety of natural supplements, topical creams and even healthy food alternatives in an effort to assist their patients and customers in an overall wellness lifestyle. Making use of topical products for the reduction of pain is part of the regiment and they research each of their products to ensure the highest quality.

Some of the most popular natural ingredients in pain relief for the topical selections include: eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, extra virgin olive oil, vanilla and peppermint for aromatherapy, black current seed oils, rosemary, and sweet marjoram. Nature has provided many of the elements that are needed in the reduction of pain through natural ingredients. Many of these have an actual chemical reaction with the body to allow relaxation or the production of the body’s own healing hormones. Through the use of a topical cream or lotion, combined with massage and other relaxation techniques, patients are achieving pain relief.

Confer with your local independent pharmacy to ensure that they have adopted an integrative attitude as well as the type of products that they carry. Always discuss any changes that you intend to make with your primary care provide prior to adding the alterations to your daily routines.