In Home Caregivers Make Use of Topical Massage with Natural Products

Caregiver and Patient

The job of a home caregiver encompasses almost every aspect of the daily life of their patients. The requirements entail everything from chief cook to confidante and the individuals that have devoted their lives to this cause have an incredible element of compassion and understanding. The home caregiver’s main focus is to ensure quality of life for the patient, in all of its nuances and opportunities.

The responsibilities of a home caregiver depends upon the individual arrangement. For situations involving patients that are not ambulatory, this can mean cooking a healthy meal, feeding them, working with nurse practitioners, doctors and medical staff for medication treatments and appointments, massage therapy, and ensuring that the patient is not experiencing any discomfort or chronic pain.

Many families contribute in the coordination of information for quality of life for their family member and this often includes the use of natural, healthy and organic foods in a diet as well as the use of naturally sourced topical creams and lotions. Some of the home caregivers today are experienced and/or licensed in massage therapy and can make use of natural topical treatments for the reduction of pain.

A home caregiver specializes in the interaction with a patient and their position is often one that can include listening and hearing from the patient in situations that they might not report to either a nurse practitioner or their physician. In situations where a patient may be on a high medication regiment, additional pain medications can not only cause discomfort but potential physical harm due to the harsh reactions within the body. Home caregivers will often work with physicians to make use of natural topical pain relief combined with massage to enhance the healing process and assist the patient in life quality.

The CAM (complementary and alternative medication) approach has achieved a higher level of popularity in the United States as people look to natural alternatives for pain reduction. Many of the ingredients in topical creams and lotions have been historically used by cultures around the globe for thousands of years as they contain natural anti-inflammatories and analgesics while offering the body a state of relaxation which generates the internal natural healing hormones.

Some of the most popular naturally sourced topical creams for the reduction of pain include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, extra virgin olive oil, sesame seed and clove oils. Science has shown that aromatherapy can act to relax the body and those with the highest level of sense quality includes vanilla and peppermint. When combined with soothing massage, the patient can experience relaxation as well as a reduction in pain sensations.

The option of natural, organic and integrative modalities have taken the medical industry by storm as many of the ingredients are actually the main sources used and combined in today’s medications. The natural alternatives do not carry the same harsh side effects and instead offer relief for a patient that may be experiencing chronic pain.

Always confer with your primary caregiver prior to making any changes in your daily regimen.