History and Information: Eucalyptus Oil for Pain Relief


Eucalyptus oil has been a favorite among natural medical professionals and practitioners throughout history. This little versatile oil can be found in medicine, perfumes, and industrial uses as one of nature’s ‘superstars’. It has long been a traditional remedy in Tasmania and Australia where the eucalyptus trees grown in abundance. Brought to both Eastern and Western medicine alike, the eucalyptus is a cineole-based oil that has a colorless appearance and a strong, camphoraceous scent with undertones that are woody-sweet. It was used in households for a variety of purposes and has the property of keeping the body cool in the summer as well as a protectant in the winter.

The properties of eucalyptus oil are many. It has qualities as an antifungal while being a potent antiseptic and therefore brings many medicinal applications. In the Western world it is more widely known as a use for coughs and colds. Eucalyptus oil eases the mucus in the sinus tissues and helps to get rid of the feeling of stuffiness. Due to the properties that allow it to be both a germicide and its cooling effect, it has been used to reduce migraines and fevers.

While eucalyptus may be known for both the refreshing and stimulating properties, eucalyptus oil has been used for centuries when warmed for the treatment of aching muscles, spasms, various pains, poor circulation and sprains. The oil, blended as a topical is used in massage therapy to soothe pain as well as speed the healing of wounds and acts as a calming effect on skin irritations. The stimulant properties have an added benefit for soothing fatigue through the promotion of mental sharpness as well as helping to reduce headaches.

One of nature’s finest products, eucalyptus oil is incredibly versatile. As an antibacterial and antifungal it will assist the body in healing, but has also been used for generations as a natural deodorizer in the home. Many who have chosen to use earth friendly products for household cleaning have selected eucalyptus oil instead of harsh, chemical-filled products. For those people that have cats, eucalyptus oil combined with water in a spray bottle assists in cleansing and deodorizing kitty boxes while acting as an antibacterial agent.

Some of the world’s best eucalyptus oil is derived from the distilled leaves of the Eucalyptus Polybractea in Australia. Known by the locals as the Blue Mallee, this eucalyptus oil has the highest level of cineole in the world and has the ability to interact with other essential oils such as tea tree oil to create a potent analgesic and pain reliever. The indigenous cultures of Australia have been using Blue Mallee eucalyptus for generations as one of the natural healing elements.

Eucalyptus is found in many of todays over the counter medications, although not in the higher quantities as most natural products. It is often used in topical compound medications to allow the soothing oil to reduce the pain from inflammation due to injury or muscle overuse.

Always confer with a primary care physician before making any changes or additions to your medical regiment.