Health Spas Include Natural Topical Products for Massage Pain Relief

Health Spa

Known for their overall focus on health and wellness, health spas around the world have embraced the natural alternatives for many of the treatments that they offer. The attitude of a health spa is towards a complete mind-body experience and they are often partner with or have on staff professionals in the areas of natural and integrative approaches for diet, massage and relaxation. This is of special important when working with clients that are suffering from chronic pain.

The approach of a health spa is to complement any existing treatments while enhancing quality life and offering alternatives that a patient can adopt and return home with. Most clients that are experiencing pain must have an approval from their primary care physician to receive the alternative therapies such as massage. A list of all medication is additionally needed to ensure that there aren’t any interactions with foods. Even some natural foods can interact with specific types of prescription medications, so all avenues are explored.

A CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) approach in treatment may involve a number of levels, depending upon the health spa. The most sophisticated will include a diet of fresh, healthy and organic foods, daily exercise, massage therapy, yoga and meditation as well as acupuncture. Massage therapy is usually held in a quiet calm environment and makes use of naturally-sourced ingredients for topical creams and lotions. The massage routine can assist in reducing pain in soft tissues, muscles, ligaments and joints, and the addition of aromatherapy allows the relaxation that is needed to give the body the opportunity to make use of naturally healing hormones.

Some of the most popular natural ingredients in topical creams and lotions include eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, extra virgin olive oil, sesame and clove oils. Many of the naturally-sourced ingredients in topical treatments contain nature’s anti-inflammatories and analgesics and are preferred over harsh chemical and medicines. An environment that includes aromatherapy using vanilla or peppermint has also been of benefit in the reduction of stress and anxiety and inducing a state of relaxation.

Mild exercise combined with mental relaxation programs such as yoga and meditation are also found to assist in an overall wellness ability. The removal of stress and the body’s relaxing movements allow the encouragement of the other therapies, such as massage. The mind-body approach makes use of the understanding that all aspects of the physical body healing process are enhanced with a positive attitude and the reduction of anxiety and stress. Natural ingredients are a primary focus to reduce and remove the toxins and chemicals that the body retains. Some of the health spas specialize in detox programs for the elimination of the toxins and then reinforce through the use of naturally-derived diet, massage and aromatherapy treatments to encourage healing and promote overall wellness.

The benefits of health spas have been of such great value that many physicians are now including their treatments for some of their patients. Always confer with your primary caregiver prior to making any changes in your daily regimen.