Compounding Pharmacies Adopt Natural Topical Treatments For Patient Pain Management

Natural Compounding Pharmacy

The world of the compounding pharmacy is steeped in rich history and returns back to the days of the original ‘apothecary’. During that time, pharmacists used their intense medical and ingredient knowledge to blend and create the mixtures that resulted in the medicines, creams, tonics and lotions to address the needs of their patients. Most people are surprised when they hear stories of some of the most popular products on the market that were discovered and created by pharmacists of the past. Today’s compounding pharmacies continue that legacy and are those that are known for using naturally sourced ingredients.

A majority of the compounding pharmacies in the United States are independently owned. The education level that is required of these pharmacists goes beyond the norm as they are required to have an expertise in medicinal development. Many of the compounded medications are needed for specific cases such as a medicine that is reduced so that a child or pet can take and absorb without harmful consequences. However, it is the compounding pharmacies that have also adopted a more enlightened attitude towards the integrative approach. Their science-based knowledge gives them an edge in understanding the ways and methods that naturally sourced ingredients can be used as a benefit.

There are many types of compounding pharmacies, from those that actually create their own limited topical creams and liquids to those that blend full medications in a ‘clean room’. Due to the strict government requirements, some of the compounding pharmacies are carrying premade products of high quality that contain naturally sourced ingredients. These are also the pharmacies that may have an array of some of the best supplements. Many of these pharmacies have partnered with other practitioners for overall health and wellness of their patients. These can include chiropractors, nutritionists, and even yoga and meditation instructors.

The expertise of the compounding pharmacy delves into the knowledge base of the natural analgesics that have been used throughout time for the reduction of pain. These are of particular importance as there are many patients that cannot take prescribed medication due to the harsh effects on their bodies as well as a newer element of patient that simply chooses a natural alternative.

Where once the medical industry turned away from CAM (complementary alternative medication), scientists and researchers are now not only accepting the integrative approach for pain relief but many doctors are now coordinating with compounding pharmacies for specific natural alternatives in topical creams, lotions and sprays for their patients. These are especially necessary for patients that may already have a high level medication regiment and are in need of a naturally sourced method to reduce chronic pain.

Many of nature’s ingredients have an actual chemical reaction with the body to allow relaxation as well as the production of the body’s own healing hormones. Through the use of a topical cream or lotion, combined with massage and other relaxation techniques, patients are achieving pain relief.

Always confer with a primary care giver prior to making any changes in your health regiment to ensure against any medicinal interactions with either natural or over the counter products.