Chiropractors Recommend Natural Pain Relief with Topical Creams and Massage

Chiropractor and Patient

Chiropractors have been adopted by the medical community for their beneficial treatments for patients, and were one of the original experts to not only recommend but make use of CAM (complementary and alternative medications). The very nature of the chiropractic industry is in the direction of the integrative approach as they are considered part of the CAM therapies. Some believe it is the continual push in the direction of natural treatments from chiropractors that has allow the general population to embrace and then require natural modalities.

As the baby boomers have begun to age, they have taken their innate attitude of questioning authority into the medical realms. Unlike the generations before them, they are not accepting mainstream medical treatments as their only choices and have made use of many of the integrative therapies such as chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, supplementation and naturally sourced ingredients in topical treatments for the reduction of pain.

Many of the chiropractors are partnered with massage therapists as well as other practitioners as an approach for overall health and wellness for their patients. Their educational level allows them to be aware of the body’s natural healing hormones that can be released during massage, the relaxation that aromatherapy brings and the use of topical creams and oils that have natural ingredients.

The various conditions of harm or injury in bones, ligaments and spinal alignment can affect multiple areas of the body, causing pain symptoms in other areas that a patient would not realize are related. Over time, the body can not only establish consistent pain but will try to compensate in other areas which can generate overuse and additional pain. Like a domino effect, the patient can experience a variety of pain symptoms that reduces their life quality, creates a lack of focus as well as exhaustion, and allows the body to become stressed with the potential in reduction of the immune system.

A majority of chiropractors take the natural approach to pain reduction, beginning with a realignment and progressing to each area that the patient reports pain. Once the stress is reduced in the main problem area, the body will slowly begin to eliminate the overcompensation and body pains will be reduced. This is used in combination with massage therapy in naturally-sourced topical creams and oils.

The most popular natural topical treatments typically include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, extra virgin olive oil or sesame seed oil. Many of the natural sources in topical creams and lotions contain nature’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Both the chiropractor’s office as well as a massage therapist will add aromatherapy treatments to assist in relaxation and to remove stress and allow soft tissues, tendons and muscles to heal. This is very important for those that have experienced chronic pain as well as those patients that have allowed a condition to extend over long periods of time. Use of naturally-sourced ingredients has been a mainstay for many cultures for over 6,000 years, and chiropractors that prefer these methods have had exceptional results in the reduction of pain.

Always confer with your primary caregiver prior to making any changes in your daily regimen.