Blue-Emu® Pain Relief Cream


Blue-Emu® is a line of products made by the manufacturer Nutrition & Fitness, Inc. dba / NFI Consumer Products) that are designed to address muscle, joint and skin conditions. The Blue-Emu® products are made with real emu oil, which has been used by the Australian Aborigines to relieve muscle joints and pain association with rheumatism and arthritis as well as for the treatment of various skin conditions including sunburn, injury, and wind parched skin.

Emu oil has been used in laboratory experiences for analysis and efficacy in both the U.S. and Australia as a natural alternative for the reduction of joint inflammation. The high content of linolenic acid in emu oil is known to offer temporary relief of joint pain and the oleic acid is a local anti-inflammatory that has a positive effect on the dermal tissues.

Blue-Emu products are available in the Arthritis Pain Relief as well as the Pain Relief Spray. There is also the availability of purchasing pure Blue-Emu oil that is blended with vitamin E. The products are listed as odor free, non-greasy, deep-penetrating and fast acting.

Emu oil is actually derived from the emu bird fat. The emu bird is a type of livestock that is raised around the world, mostly for the meat. It is one of the most environmentally friendly livestock source as all parts of the bird is used and they actually offer improvement to the land where they are raised. They do not tolerate inhumane or poor conditions, so those that raise them ensure they have excellent care.

We recommend: Elmore Oil, Nature’s Pain Relief: The natural healing properties that are contained in eucalyptus, tea tree oil, olive oil and vanilla have been used by the Aborigines people of Australia throughout the years. Each element brings a different pain relieving property and when blended together the process enhances each ability. Created from naturally sourced elements, Elmore Oil is safe for the skin and is used for temporary relief of muscle aches, joint aches and even simple backaches. For additional information, click here.

Whichever method you choose for your natural joint pain relief, always confer with a primary health care provider before making any changes to your daily regiment, including the addition of any supplements and herbs.