Biofreeze™: Cold Therapy Pain Relief


Biofreeze™ is one of the more popular topical pain relief as part of a transition from systemic and harsher medicines. Used for over twenty years by practitioners and physicians, Biofreeze™ makes use of ‘cold therapy’ to address the pain receptors A-delta, from the skin to the spinal cord as well as other receptors with the cold therapy to block the transmission of the pain sensation. This form of pain relief is called “Gating” or “Gate Control” and the menthol that is used in Biofreeze™ is the active agent that helps to block the pain signals to the brain.

Biofreeze was developed by a medical professional who sought an alternative to reduce the pain that his grandmother experienced from arthritis. He formulated the compound using menthol as the main ingredient along with a combination blend of synergistic inactive ingredients. The resulting topical treatment was an effective pain relief without the use of prescription medication. The product has been involved in multiple clinical research programs demonstrating its effects as a topical pain relief alternative.

Biofreeze™ works much in the same way as cold therapy ice, but without the disadvantages that ice packs bring and with the ability of blocking pain at a higher percentage than ice. Biofreeze™ products offer a temporary relief from the pain of minor aches and pains of joints and sore muscles as well as those that may be associated with simple backache, bruises, arthritis, sprains and strains.

Application of Biofreeze™ may be used as many times as four per day and can be a therapy for pre-exercise or workout as well as for the relief of painful movements and post-therapy to soothe joint or muscle soreness. It has long been a popular alternative pain therapy for chiropractors.

Products are available in a number of variations including roll-ons, gels, and sprays.

We recommend: Elmore Oil, Natural Topical Pain Relief: The Aborigines people of Australia have long known of the healing powers that nature offers. Elmore oil makes use of the secret elements of eucalyptus, tea tree oil, olive oil and vanilla to enhance the properties and offer temporary relief of simple backaches, muscle and joint aches. The natural process, called ‘Triple Maturation’, enhances the pain relieving abilities that are safe for the skin. For additional information, click here.

Whichever method you choose for your natural joint pain relief, always confer with a primary health care provider before making any changes to your daily regiment, including the addition of any supplements and herbs.