Best Natural Remedies for Neck Pain

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As one of the most medicated countries in the world, Americans are researching natural remedies for neck pain and finding that nature has indeed supplied us with many of the sources to assist in pain reduction. Although these have been used in many cultures around the globe, the Western world has been slower at adopting natural remedies. However, with that said, they are quickly discovering that so many the natural sources are the base components of prescription medication that often have harsh side effects. Natural remedies are now becoming one of the most popular alternatives for reducing neck pain.

Herbal remedies are available in a variety of ways, from pill form and teas to additives in bath water, aromatherapy and topical creams and lotions. Each one can bring a soothing and relaxing relief for the nagging neck pain that can cause stress and anxiety.

A South African shrub called ‘Devil’s Claw’ may sound disturbing, but the name actually comes from the plant fruit skin which has small tiny hooks. Available in both pill and powder form, studies have shown that neck pain has been substantially reduced when taken over several months. The main ingredient in the herb was studied and shown to be as effective as anti-inflammatory prescription medication.

Many of the menthol and camphor herbal products are derived from Eucalyptus, which has been used for hundreds of years by the Australian Aborigines. The anti-inflammatory as well as analgesics can be used in topical forms as well as in aromatherapy. The ingredients, when rubbed on the skin can increase blood circulation as well as relax overstressed areas of the body.

Since ancient times, the lush and beautiful flowers of the lavender plant have been used for medicinal purposes. Beyond their lovely appearance and fragrance, the oils from the flowers have been a main ingredient for aromatherapy and massage oils to assist in the reduction of neck pain as well as lower back pain. Lavender is a popular additive in massage therapy as it acts with the olfactory senses to enhance relaxation.

St. John’s Wort has become one of the most popular of all of the herbal remedies in America for treating a variety of conditions. Known mostly to assist in reducing symptoms of depression, it was used over the centuries for pain reduction, including neck and back pain. St. John’s Wort contains anti-inflammatory natural ingredients and it is believed that since inflammation may be the root cause from many pain types, this component aides in reducing neck pain. Since St. John’s Wort does carry a warning regarding medicinal interaction, always confer with a primary care physician before taking this herb.

While much of mainstream medicine has not adopted the choice of natural herbs as a method to reduce neck pain, additional studies and research are slowly showing many of nature’s remedies to be comparatively beneficial as prescription medication, but without either the harsh physical and mental confusion side effects.

Prior to instituting any new treatment, always consult with your primary care physician to ensure that your medical and physical condition can tolerate the therapy techniques that you are interested in pursuing, specifically with the addition of any herb or supplement that you might wish to add to your daily regimen.