Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief the Natural Way

Natural herbs

Pain afflicts the body in a number of ways and there are an incredible array of variations for the causes. In some cases it is injury while in others it may be an inflammation or other internal reasons. No matter what the cause, the instant that we feel pain, we are in search of whatever relief we can find. The medical world will often prescribe harsh medications for inflammation. Called NSAIDS, these are non-steroidal, but have a litany of harsh side effects that can accompany the medicine. Due to this fact, there has been an increased interest and adoption of natural or alternative pain relief for inflammatory conditions.

Many of the CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) modalities include natural therapies and compounds that often act in the same way as the NSAID medications but without the side effects. They are believed to also inhibit inflammatory pathways of the body known as the nuclear factor-kB.

Animal and plant-derived preparations have been used throughout history in nutraceutical forms. Herbal plants and essential oils that have been a mainstay for many cultures have become a more popular form as anti-inflammatories. Through the use of compounds, the natural elements both as standalone and in combination, often bring the similar methods as standard medication for the relief of inflammation. Scientific studies have shown that the natural compounds target and act in close correlation for the reactions of the nuclear factor-kB for temporary relief of pain due to inflammation.

There are considerations that need to be paid attention to in that not all natural anti-inflammatories contain the same quantity and quality of the main natural compounds. It is therefore important that when selecting anti-inflammatory topical preparations that the consumer ensure the ingredients contain a higher quantity of the ingredients.

Scientific support has been shown that those alternative products that are considered to be omega-3 essential fatty acids have demonstrated the type of anti-inflammatory results and effectiveness as some of the NSAID medications.

The use of natural anti-inflammatory products has increased in Western culture as the side effects of various medications have been shown to not only cause additional illnesses, but in some cases have catapulted patients into other body disorders that were not associated with the original pain problem.

Herbal supplements as anti-inflammatories have come under scrutiny due to the fact that some have drug interactions with medication that a patient may already be taking as well as act from an internal perspective in the same way that the NSAID medications due, possibly causing additional medical problems. In some cases the main ingredient of the herbal supplement is the same as the medication, thereby allowing the patient to have a concentrated level.

Topical natural pain relief as an anti-inflammatory choice has been more popular due to the fact of safety efficacy while continuing to bring the temporary pain relief without the potential of medical problems.

Always confer with a primary care physician before making any changes or additions to your medical regiment.