Weight Loss and Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis: Restoring the Chance of Remission Among Obese RA Sufferers

Obese and overweight individuals with early rheumatoid arthritis (ERA) are found to have very little to no chance of remission or recovery, based on a study of obese and overweight ERA cases presented at the 2013 Congress of the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR). The study, whose results were discussed in Science Daily online, also showed that remission is still less likely to be achieved even if obese and overweight ERA subjects undergo their anti-TNF therapy, which should be 2.4 times more than what’s required for those of normal weight.

Considered a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis is affecting millions of people around the world, mostly in their daily activities and their jobs. Added with obesity or excess weight–which according to experts will become a global problem affecting up to 2.5 billion people in 2015–rheumatoid arthritis (RA) becomes a deadly disease that torments its victims with excruciating pain almost every day. While medical practitioners are still trying to find a cure for the disease, despite claims of impossible remission, sufferers can only depend on pain relievers to survive the daily battle. Thus, getting natural pain relief for arthritis has gained popularity over the years.

RA becomes a really serious problem when it starts affecting people’s daily routines. According to the Science Daily report, around 50 percent of RA patients could not work full-time due to their condition. Even those with less serious cases fear sudden pain attacks while in the workplace, forcing them to leave their jobs and stay at home. However, they can still opt to pursue natural relief from arthritis pain without having to retire from work.

Various natural products for relieving arthritis pain have been released in the market since RA became widespread. While they may not directly help in the battle against obesity, they do play a significant role in keeping the subjects in good condition. A lot of companies like Elmore Oil offer these products at a reasonable cost.

One way to increase the rate of remission in obese and overweight ERA patients is to encourage them to engage in certain weight loss regimens. The excessive amount of fat adds to the weight the bones have to carry. According to Health.com, paring off a pound of fat may reduce four pounds on pressure on the knees, and applying natural pain relief oils or ointments will cause the RA-induced pain to gradually recede.

Obesity and RA are two different deadly conditions. Obesity alone is causing 10-13 percent of deaths in Europe, the article mentions. Solving both issues involves a long and tedious process, which may require various solutions, including the use of pain relief products. Given proper and effective solutions for both of these conditions, obese and overweight ERA sufferers may yet find hope for remission.