Natural Remedies for Joint Pain May Be Better; May Keep You Trimmer, Too


This just in: natural remedies for your joint pain might be better for you in the long run, at least in terms of the numbers you see on the weighing scale. This assessment comes with a report based on an Arthritis Research UK study that shows people who go through knee replacement surgery face a greater risk of gaining weight in succeeding years.

Led by scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University and Mayo Clinic, the study gathered and analyzed knee replacement statistics and compared the different patients with control samples from the general public in the same geographic area. What they discovered was surprising news, and the numbers were telling.

It was found that people who have had knee surgery were more likely to increase their body weight by five percent in a span of five years compared to the general public. Thirty percent of knee replacement patients can attest to this, a significant 10.3 percent gap from the 19.7 percent for the rest of the population who did not opt for surgery. Different factors such as education, age, sex, and even weight change before surgery have been accounted for to verify the accuracy of the figures.

It doesn’t stop there, either. Those who have undergone more joint replacement surgeries were observed to have an even greater risk of weight gain, which is a rather discouraging finding for those who suffer from chronic joint pain. After all, weight gain itself has its own corresponding risks, and the last thing anyone wants is to free themselves of one evil only to head straight for another.

Based on these findings, it is apparent that knee replacement surgeries and other joint replacement procedures are not without their potential dangers. These make all natural joint pain relief treatments such as Elmore Oil crucial to such patients for more immediate comfort, and most possibly, better health in the long run. There may come a time when surgery is the best possible course of action, but simpler options might suffice for less severe cases.

Weight gain has always been a touchy subject for most people, and hardly anyone wants to experience significant gain in their body mass. Knowing that surgery might well lead to a heavier version of you should have you thinking twice about any knee replacement procedures, but then again, maybe not. In any case, there are always other courses of action to take, and it is ultimately up to you to choose which one it will be.