Natural Remedies for Joint Pain Can Help Provide the Best Pain Relief

Nowadays, pain relief isn’t just about simply eliminating pain per se, but more about helping an individual cope with it by adopting a lifestyle change. This is exactly what integrative medicine is about, which, according to an article by Rick Nauert in, uses alternative treatments in tandem with traditional medical care. The study that was published in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal also says that integrative care can give a 30 percent pain reduction in those who feel prolonged, weakening pain.

Simply taking medication is no longer enough when it comes to pain relief, now that it is proven that solid natural remedies for joint pain are needed as well. This is exactly what some companies like Elmore Oil offer: alternative forms of pain treatment that don’t come in the shape of tablets or pills. These products are a boon to the 116 million Americans who are currently suffering from various kinds of chronic pain, especially joint pains.

In the words of one expert, “chronic pain is very difficult to treat” and it costs about $635 billion every year in the United States alone. Proper pain medication is a long-term, perhaps a lifetime, process that involves working with fitness specialists, nutritionists, therapists, psychologists, and other medical professionals. This doesn’t even consider the dynamic nature of medicine: a July 2013 article from the New York Times, for instance, reported that injection therapy is no longer recommended for treating chronic back pains, which used to be standard procedure for the last 10 years.

That same article also mentioned that simply walking, when paired with routine back exercises, can be very effective in treating back pains. One orthopedic surgeon in the UK rationalizes this effectiveness by saying that “joints really do love to be used” and refraining from physical activity can actually do more harm than good. Of course, simple exercises must also fall within the recommendations of medical professionals–another key component of integrated medicine.

Going natural, it seems, is the best course of action. One integrative medicine specialist from San Francisco also reported that patients are more likely to refuse prescription medicine these days because the drugs can be highly addictive. This is not an issue for companies like Elmore Oil, however, which also sell other all natural joint pain relief products like oil-based topical pain relievers and pain relief roll ons.

These products will prove useful in integrative pain relief; the kind of medication that suits the patient’s traits and needs. Traditional medicine alone is no longer enough to treat chronic pain.