Immediate Back and Neck Pain Relief Starts with Arthritis Education


Arthritis is a disease that does not discriminate based on age, race, gender, or profession. Whether you’re a professional athlete like Joe Montana or a teenager who’s still in high school, you could suffer from one of more than a hundred types of arthritis and the conditions related to it. For people afflicted with this disease, finding immediate back and neck pain relief is top priority.

Most of the elderly have accepted joint pain as an unavoidable part of aging and consider taking medication and applying relieving essential oils a normal part of daily life. However, younger people who experience stiffness, swelling, and joint problems should likewise consider asking their doctors about treatment possibilities. As Ashley Macha of says in her news article, even young kids can suffer from either rheumatoid arthritis or an autoimmune disease called juvenile arthritis early on in their life.

The article goes on to say that around 67 million Americans will be afflicted with this disease in a little less than two decades. Several studies done on the prevalence of this condition also show that arthritis is slowly becoming the number one cause of disability in the US. Though taking medication and undergoing therapy should help, there are times when they simply aren’t enough. People looking for more options may want to look into methods that provide natural relief from arthritis pain.

Contrary to what some believe, exercise shouldn’t be avoided by people with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation recommends water workouts, resistance training, stretching, or weightlifting to keep the muscles strong and keep pressure off the joints. Those who feel discomfort may alleviate the pain in the area by using ice or heat packs and applying natural remedies like Elmore Oil that provide immediate and lasting relief.

Thanks to science, more medication and treatments are now available to improve the lives of patients suffering from this condition. With natural remedies and exercise, there is simply no more excuse for people with arthritis to stay indoors and avoid all forms of physical activity. Through early detection, treatment, and commitment to weight loss to relieve stress on the joints, the progress of this disease can be significantly delayed.

Improving one’s quality of life is everyone’s goal, most probably so for people who suffer from arthritis. Therefore, it’s necessary to spread awareness about the disease and debunk myths that have kept people from enjoying a life free of joint pain. Today, the valiant fight against arthritis continues with the help of treatments and natural remedies in the market.