Back to Your Job with the Best Soothing Back and Neck Pain Relief

Last August 27, 2013, the Daily Mail UK’s website published an article that discussed the rising incidents of back and neck pain derived from work. The article took its data from a survey of 1,000 people between the ages of 25 to 65. Findings revealed that seven out of every ten respondees regularly experience lower back pains.

The pains that plague back and neck are all linked to the spine. Such joint problems are usually caused by improper posture, but strenuous and physically-demanding activity can also cause these parts to hurt. Seekers of instant back and neck pain relief thus might want to start by changing their sitting positions.

According to the article, almost one in four of those surveyed believed that staying in the same position for hours is responsible for backaches, sore necks, and other forms of joint pain. One in six respondees also claimed that the pains were caused by their chairs. Furthermore, the pains weren’t just causing discomfort; one in seven admitted that they were less interested in forming romantic relationships thanks to the discomfort experienced.

The Daily Mail cites that back and neck pains cost the UK £5.7 billion each year and 10 million lost working days. Typically, painkillers are used in order to alleviate some of the aching, but these drugs have long-term side effects like high blood pressure and heart attacks. The article also notes that people are generally reluctant to approach a physiotherapist regarding their spinal injuries.

Back and neck pains are an indicator of an overworked spine, which shouldn’t come as a surprise for those who work long shifts. Sometimes, all that’s needed is to calm the muscles in the back. Instead of painkillers, sufferers of spinal pain should try organic joint and muscle pain relief in the form of Elmore oil. Distributed by companies like Sierra International Health Products, LLC, it takes just one rub of the stuff over an afflicted part to soothe the pain away.

More people are succumbing to back and neck pains, and it’s certainly not because of aging. Even sitting down can induce the pain, especially if the one seated has poor posture. A little Elmore oil can help ease tense muscles in the back and bring relief.