Back and Neck Pain Relief Tied with Remedies to Depression

Medical Xpress features the discovery of the link between depression and back pain through research conducted by Professor Marcus Melloh with the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMAR). The research concludes that depression and back pain cyclically strengthen each other. It also reveals that back and neck pain are precursors to depression. Melloh strongly suggested that these conditions be treated at their earliest stages through pain killers or relievers before the cycle begins to mutate them.

Each person will experience several episodes of back pain in his or her life. Most of these are caused by accidents, strenuous work, or even sedentary lifestyle. According to Melloh, these issues, which are linked to depression, should be dealt with from the beginning of their symptoms to prevent more severe symptoms from developing. Mild cases can be treated by applying commercially available back and neck pain relief products such as oils and ointments.

The study that involved 300 patients who were observed for over six weeks revolved around knowing whether or not depression has something to do with back pain or the other way around. It revealed that either may be the trigger, after finding out that patients with back pain suffered from depressive symptoms while those with depressive symptoms showed high back pain scores. Therefore, treating either of the conditions may eventually result in the treatment of the other.

Between depression and back pain, the latter seems easier for the average person to deal with, given the many joint and muscle pain relief products offered by suppliers like Elmore Oil. However, it would be better to reinforce the treatment with depression treatment methods that involve lifestyle changes and therapies to increase the healing rate of both conditions. Some of these methods, according to Melloh, include biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The discovery of the relationship between depression and back pain has brought sufferers back to the basics of physical fitness. Consequently, it shows how poor health and fitness practices can trigger emotional trouble and vice versa. It gives light to the importance of dealing with pain right away, at least by applying natural products to prevent physical suffering from causing depression.

Melloh pointed out that this discovery can make a real difference in the effectiveness of treatments for patients. In the future, people suffering from pain can see huge developments not only in the treatment methods for depression but also in the pain relief products pharmacies offer. These two should work hand-in-hand to provide immediate remedy for future sufferers.