Administering All Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis… for Kids


Arthritis is an ailment normally associated with adults, but parents of children like Campbell Pruden from Phoenix, AZ found out the hard way that even kids can suffer from the disease. The three-year-old was diagnosed with systemic juvenile idiopathic

arthritis back in November 2011, and has been given medications and intravenous immune suppressant solutions since then. Despite the woes, she has proven to be one tough fighter, going out on hikes with her parents and sticking to her special non-inflammation diet (no dairy and red meat).

The IV hookups normally keep Campbell confined at a hospital for up to five hours. Unfortunately, other parents who have arthritic children may not have as much resources as the Prudens to support such treatments. A trip to the hospital may not always be feasible, thereby making all natural pain relief for arthritis like Elmore Oil an attractive option for such patients.

As can be gathered from its name, an all natural topical pain relief product is composed of natural substances that include refined extract from plants or herbs with known therapeutic properties. The body absorbs the substances at the point of application. In the case of Pruden, it might help to apply some on her knees and legs to help her walk without a limp.

People seeking natural relief from arthritis pain may find their answer in a simple oil that can be rubbed over the target area. A roll-on version can also be used for quick administration, especially when traveling. These alternative medications are set at reasonable prices for greater customer access. This way, people like Pruden who spend hours hooked to the IV solution at the hospital may experience pain relief without the excessive cost.

Arthritis affects more than 300,000 children in the United States alone. It could be debilitating, making it hard for them to move properly and severely affecting their quality of life. Through fundraising efforts, the Prudens hope to raise awareness about how the disease is not just a threat to adults but for very young kids as well.

Juvenile arthritis can be treated through therapy and medications, but children are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle most of all. There’s a chance that it will go into remission as children grow; most, if not all, children will unfortunately suffer from the disease for the rest of their life until a permanent cure is found. Kids and adults who have been dealing with arthritis for the longest time may want to explore the possibilities of all natural treatments for immediate relief from pain and immobility.