A Quick Guide to Looking for All Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis

Last August 28, 2013, Time Magazine’s website published an online report that extolled the arthritis-relieving effects of the humble vegetable known as broccoli. Broccoli is rich in vitamins and nutrients, and is also loaded with sulfur compounds that can “filter out” carcinogens. Recent research has discovered that the same compounds could reduce the inflammation typical of osteoarthritis cases.

Arthritis is a real pain (pun intended) to deal with, and anything that can reduce the swelling is very much welcome to the hundreds of patients suffering the disease worldwide. There’s much science has yet to uncover about nature’s remedies, but broccoli isn’t the only organic treatment for arthritis. For one, a certain blend of oils can also serve as an effective natural pain relief for arthritis.

Broccoli’s anti-inflammation effects were first discovered through a test with lab mice. Researchers found that the mice who had a high diet of sulforaphane from broccoli had significantly less damage to their cartilage and little signs of osteoarthritis. The studies then moved to human and cow cartilage cells testing and found similar favorable results.

Deeper research suggests that the sulforaphane is blocking the enzymes that cause the inflammation. Trials with arthritis patients are now underway; if they’re successful, there could be hope for preventing the ailment altogether. Surgery is the typical mode of treatment for arthritis, but prevention is, as they say, always the better cure.

There are other organic ways to treat the pain caused by arthritis without having to resort to surgery. One such method for all natural relief from arthritis pain is the use of Elmore oil. Composed of a blend of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, and vanilla, Elmore oil is designed to seep into the muscles and provide cooling and soothing comfort from swelling and other musculoskeletal pains. Such treatments are available from distributors like Sierra International Health Products, LLC.

If broccoli’s potential as an arthritis remedy is an indication of anything, it’s that people should be living healthier lifestyles. Organic foods and supplements aren’t just some fancy fad; they have real benefits of their own. Thus consumers should be more aware of the healthy effects of natural ingredients.