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Throughout history, healers have been using herbs and roots to create and blend the medicines that heal, soothe and mend. Many of the pharmaceuticals that we have today make use of the same base ingredients. Nature provides many alternatives to harsh chemicals and turmeric has been a mainstay for centuries as a medicinal root.  → Read more

Our ancestors were well-versed in their use of naturally sourced roots and herbs for healing and pain relief. Ginger has been used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial for over two thousand years and, although it originated in Asia, it is now a popular healing root in the Middle East, India, the Caribbean, Africa and other regions. → Read more

Over the last number of years there has been an increase in popularity of fish oil due to its incredible omega-3 fats properties. These healthy fats are a requirement for proper body function and the deficiency in the diet has been called the ‘Sixth Biggest Killer of Americans’. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fats and while it can be sourced naturally from certain fish, many avoid these due to pollution concerns. → Read more

Penetrex™ is the flagship product of Biomax Health Products, Inc. Founded in 1998, they have developed a line of paint relief products that are alternatives to mainstream medications such as NSAID’s, oral anti-inflammatories, and invasive treatments such as cortisone shots.  → Read more

When most of the U.S. was still focused on mainstream medicine, the Tiger Balm™ product began showing up in natural health retail stores. It is an herbal formulation designed as a topical treatment for pain relief, and soon became a hit for those that followed complementary and alternative medicine. → Read more

Throughout history mankind has been making use of the phytochemicals that are naturally found in plants for pain relief. Each plant brings its own unique chemistry for specific types of pain and many of today’s pharmaceuticals are sourced from the very same plants. Curcumin is part of the ginger family and has been used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for treatment as an anti-inflammatory, to enhance the healing of wounds and for digestive disorders. East India has made use of curcumin for all of its properties for thousands of years. → Read more

The New Chapter company is devoted to the development of products that address inflammation response from the whole body. They have developed a line of full-spectrum herbal extracts that contain an abundance of naturally occurring compounds called phytonutrients. Working together, the combinations assist in supporting a healthy inflammation response. New Chapter works closely to source organic products from their partners around the world, focusing on good business practices for the farmers and their families as well as supporting sustainable practices. → Read more

Biofreeze™ is one of the more popular topical pain relief as part of a transition from systemic and harsher medicines. Used for over twenty years by practitioners and physicians, Biofreeze™ makes use of ‘cold therapy’ to address the pain receptors A-delta, from the skin to the spinal cord as well as other receptors with the cold therapy to block the transmission of the pain sensation. This form of pain relief is called “Gating” or “Gate Control” and the menthol that is used in Biofreeze™ is the active agent that helps to block the pain signals to the brain. → Read more

Sombra Professional Therapy Products has been producing a line of pain relief products available through health professionals since 1974. They have a commitment that involves the highest quality, combined with the belief in using the purest and most natural ingredients; made in the USA. Their unyielding stance against using diluting agents, unhealthy solvents, by-products or animal testing complements their environmentally sensitive philosophy. → Read more

Living Well Nutraceuticals makes two pain relief products, each one crafted from naturally sourced herbs and ingredients and each designed for a particular and designated purpose. → Read more