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For anyone that has experienced pain, whether due to an injury or overexertion, you know the benefits of going to a licensed massage therapist and the incredible relief that the visit brings. Massage therapy has been a natural source of pain relief used by many cultures around the world for thousands of years, but while the massage therapist might be considered a ‘miracle worker’, there is actually a science behind the modality. → Read more

Eucalyptus oil has been a favorite among natural medical professionals and practitioners throughout history. This little versatile oil can be found in medicine, perfumes, and industrial uses as one of nature’s ‘superstars’. It has long been a traditional remedy in Tasmania and Australia where the eucalyptus trees grown in abundance. Brought to both Eastern and Western medicine alike, the eucalyptus is a cineole-based oil that has a colorless appearance and a strong, camphoraceous scent with undertones that are woody-sweet. It was used in households for a variety of purposes and has the property of keeping the body cool in the summer as well as a protectant in the winter. → Read more

Australia’s Aboriginal culture has ancient and well-tried methods of medicinal practices and knowledge. One of the distinctions with Bush medicine is that each group may vary the ingredients, based on their area based on availability of natural elements. In general, most of the ‘Bush medicine’ is derived from plant, bark, leaf and seed materials. Just as there are multiple Aboriginal languages, there are also multiple medical treatments that they used. → Read more

A study from 2005 may have brought some information that has long been known by natural healers to the forefront of Western medicine. Extra virgin, fresh olive oil contains an ingredient that has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory. → Read more

Whether you are suffering from arthritis or a sports injury, joint pain can affect your life quality, reducing your desire to make any kind of movement. It is estimated that 52.5 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with arthritis or a rheumatologically-based disorder and many are seeking natural joint pain relief as an alternative to mainstream medications that often have harsh side effects. → Read more

It is estimated that nearing 116 million people in the U.S. live with chronic pain conditions and it runs the gamut from the uncomfortable to the debilitating. The recent problems that have been associated with many of the standard medications have allow many to begin using all natural pain relief methods. These are returning to nature’s sources, which were often used for centuries. → Read more

Muscle pain can be the result of an over exuberant exercise routine or even that extra effort in winning the sports game. When it happens, we simply want to sit down and hope that it goes away quickly. However, due to the nature of the pain, it is likely to be around for a bit of time and we also seek out natural muscle pain relief to help move the process of healing more quickly. → Read more

When you experience pain the first thing that occurs is a visit to your local pharmacy. There are a number of over the counter pain relievers that are listed as ‘natural pain relief products’ and these typically have a main ingredient source that comes from nature, but may be blended with a number of other compounds. This may not be a surprise to most, as many of the pharmaceutical medicines that we use today make use of the healing sources that nature has made available to us. → Read more

Considering that approximately thirty one million people in the U.S. experience some form of lower back pain on a regular basis, this condition continues to be one of the top medical complaints. Since a majority of the back pain experienced is not related to any serious medical condition, many people are reaching out to seek all natural back pain relief methods. → Read more

The topic of joint pain relief begins with understanding what type of joint pain you are experiencing. Each of the best natural joint pain relief solution types address a specific condition and some do well with almost all. Each person has unique and individual needs and may experience better relief from symptoms for one form of treatment than someone else. Some may want to combine different modalities to achieve the best results. → Read more