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Elmore Oil 300ml Pump Top


Pump top convenience, plus great value!

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  • Description

Experience the convenience of the NEW 300ml Elmore Oil pump bottle. Our most economical pack size provides fast relief from shoulder pain, joint pain, neck pain, back pain, and other muscular aches and pains.

Elmore Oil may also increase joint mobility and reduce inflammation and swelling with repeated usage.

How Long Does Elmore Oil Take To Work?

After applying this joint pain relief roll on you will begin to see relief within 15 minutes and it can last for up to 6 hours (depends on location applied to). Elmore Oil is made of four natural ingredients that are combined in a unique process called Triple Maturation. This means that the actual process of combining the ingredients takes about 3 months, which results in each ingredients’ potency being enhanced and augmented during the process.

What Are The Ingredients In Elmore Oil?

The four natural ingredients in this shoulder and hip pain relief roll-on are Eucalyptus Oil, which penetrates deep into the muscle and brings instant pain relief; Tea Tree Oil, which penetrates deep into the joint area and begins the process of longer term pain relief; Vanilla, which improves circulation, which is an important part of the healing process and Olive Oil, which is the main ingredient of the product and soothes and penetrates deep into the muscles.

Will Elmore Oil Work For Joint Pain Relief?

If you are wondering if Elmore Oil will work on your form of joint pain the answer is yes. This natural pain relief roll on has been effective on most types of joint, shoulder, neck, and back pain.

How Effective Is Elmore Oil?

The effectiveness of Elmore Oil is based on your level of pain. Usually twice a day will be enough application of the product to reach the desired results, but if you need to you can apply 4 or 5 times a day.

Please note that because this pain relief roll on is made of all-natural ingredients it is safe on children. Also, it is important to understand that Elmore Oil is not a cure, but the benefits of the product become greater the longer you use it as it will continue to help with mobility and circulation to the area that is stiff.

If you have any questions about our shoulder and sports natural pain relief or any of the other Elmore Oil products or sizes please feel free to contact us.

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Suggested Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can occur from a number of physical problems including bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, overuse or strain as well as from sports injuries. Patients often find it difficult to allow inflammation in the shoulder area to heal, simply because it is one of the most used areas of the body. While there are many prescription medications that can help in the reduction of pain, they also carry with them harsh side effects that can potentially damage other areas of the body. Naturally sourced remedies bring a safer alternative to help in easing pain in the shoulders, while bringing a safer alternative that allows the participation of the natural healing elements of the body.


We are all familiar with the distinct color and flavor of the spice ‘curry’ and it is turmeric that is responsible for both of these properties. However, turmeric has also been used for many years for pain relief. Research has suggested that turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as the improvement of circulation and in the prevention of blood clots. The natural ingredient contained in turmeric, curcumin, is responsible for lowering two enzyme levels in the body that cause inflammation. It has been used in traditional medicine as an additive for the treatment of pain due to sprains, bruises, joint inflammation and strains.

Epsom Salt

Long used by those that experience the aches and pains in playing sports, Epsom salt is typically used in warm bath water to assist in therapeutic relaxation as well as warm compresses in the pain area. The combination of the warm water with Epsom salt breaks down the magnesium ions which assist in stress reduction through the production of serotonin in the body while reducing adrenaline effects. Magnesium is known for its properties of reducing feelings of anxiety and restlessness as well as playing a critical role in the body for cellular energy production.

Essential Oils: Lavender or Vanilla

Practitioners are now recommending the use of essential oils as a method to reduce pain. The effects of aromatherapy in both lavender and vanilla demonstrate the ability to allow the body to relax as well as assist in releasing internal healing hormones and natural body chemicals. The essential oils can be added to bath water or used in topical creams or lotions for massage therapy.

Valerian Root

Some of today’s medicines contain valerian root as it is one of the most successful natural tranquilizers. Used for centuries in a number of cultures, valerian room assist is regulation of the nervous system and aids in the relief of stress, tension, insomnia and anxiety. Valerian is a naturally sourced herb that can also assist in the reduction of nerve sensitivity and therefore can help in curbing pain associated with the shoulder area.

The use of natural alternatives for pain relief has become more popular as a method to soothe and heal the body. Since some of the prescription medications that are created by the pharmaceutical companies contain herb sources, it is critical that you confer with a primary care physician prior to making any changes to your pain relief regime.