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Elmore Oil 250ml Bottle


Economical 250ml size – good for 3 months or more.

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  • Description

Natural Relief From Arthritis Pain, Back Pain, Muscle Pain & More!

Elmore Oil topical pain reliever, in an economical 250 ml bottle (approximately 8.2 US fluid ounces). Comes in “shock-proof” plastic bottle with easy drip dispensing hole under screw cap. With average daily use, this would last about 3 months.

What Is In Elmore Oil?

Elmore Oil is made from four key ingredients that are all-natural and work together to provide quick and long lasting natural back pain relief. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil penetrate deep into the muscle and joint area, while Vanilla helps to improve circulation and Olive Oil soothes. Using a process called Triple Maturation, the potency of each ingredient is increased to make sure when you apply Elmore Oil it provides the natural pain relief that you are looking for.

How Often Should I Use Elmore Oil?

We recommend using Elmore Oil a couple of times a day as the pain persists, but due to the the fact that it is made of natural ingredients you can apply it more frequently if needed. Simply massage into the area that you feel stiffness and pain and Elmore Oil will start to work quickly and depending on your pain level will last for up to 6 hours.

Who Can Use Elmore Oil?

Elmore Oil is for external use only and can be used by anybody. We do not recommend using on children under 2 years of age as they may wipe it into their eye. If you have other questions please be sure to view the Frequently Asked Question section of our website.

What Can Elmore Oil Be Used For?

Elmore Oil can be used to help relieve joint pain, muscle pain, and much more. Whether you have stiff joints and are looking for relief and a way to relieve inflammation over time or you suffered a sprain while playing your favorite sport, Elmore Oil is a great option for you. The 250ml bottle will insure that you always have Elmore Oil on hand when you need it! Browse the shop for other sizes and items from Elmore Oil.

Don’t Forget About The Guarantee!

If you use Elmore Oil for 14 days and you are not happy with your purchase, let us know within 60 days and we will refund your money, in full, with no questions asked. You can read more at the following link: 100% Guarantee.


Relieving Back Pain Naturally

Approximately thirty one million people in the United States share in the symptoms of back pain and the problem itself is the second most common reason for physician visits.  For the many that experience the agony of back pain, it is not only debilitating but can alter your state of mind to create negative emotional and psychological effects. In the world of medicine, many pain medication prescriptions are issued as an attempt to reduce or eliminate the pain, and these are often accompanied by an array of physical and mental side effects that can cascade into other, more serious problems.  While a large percentage of back pain issues are not caused by a severe medical problem, the search for alternative and integrative treatments has returned many to the root source of nature.

As a society, we have made a transition to lifestyles that are not conducive to good health, and instead, promotes conditions that encourage back pain. Daily work, sitting in front of computers with poor posture, lack of exercise, poor sleeping situations, badly designed or high heeled shoes, obesity and lifting heavy items incorrectly are just a few actions that can cause back pain.

Chronic back pain can be reduced through focused efforts in changes to lifestyle, but there are additional pro-active methods that, when combined, can help to eliminate the symptoms without taking harsh medication.

  • Examining and adjusting the intake of water and vitamin D is a first layer approach for both lubrication and strength of the spine.
  • Seeking chiropractic care can help to find the source of the problem, which may often not be in your back at all. Physiological alterations affect the immune function and oxidative stress which can contribute to additional levels of body dysfunction.
  • Studies are showing that almost forty percent of those people participating in Yoga were able to eliminate pain medication for the treatment of back pain and experienced improvement in overall body function.
  • Massage therapy releases the endorphins in the body that lower stress chemicals, encourage relaxation and relieve pain.

Natural remedies, both consumed and topical, have shown excellent results in the reduction of back pain. Nature supplies a wealth of products that contain anti-inflammatories, many of which are used as some of the ingredients for today’s medications. From eucalyptus and tea tree oil in topicals to fresh ginger and Boswellia, the anti-inflammatory properties act to reduce the inflammation which is often the main or contributing cause of the pain.  Cayenne peppers and spice (also known as capsaicin) contain a chemical that depletes the substance P in the body that transmits the signals of pain to the brain.

While there isn’t a ‘magic bullet’ answer that is easy and quick, the best approach will be unique for everyone. A combination of healthy lifestyle changes blended with additional treatments and natural modalities can offer improvement in overall body health while addressing and reducing the symptoms of back pain.

Always consult with a primary care physician before making any changes to your lifestyle programs as well as the addition of any integrative products to your dietary regimen.